Omnichannel customer service

Conquer all channels with HappyFox

Modern customer service requires presence in multiple channels: phone, email, instant messaging services, and social media. Therefore, omnichannel customer service can easily become complex and even chaotic.

HappyFox is a professional helpdesk platform that gathers all inquiries into one place as tickets and helps you stay on track. This way, multichannel customer service becomes clearer and more systematic – and the entire team stays informed about what needs to be done and by when.

In addition to this, HappyFox offers a service desk platform for handling support requests. This allows you to keep track of internal tasks, such as work orders for the IT team and requests for HR.


Streamlined support leads to happy customers

HappyFox’s goal is to bring “happy” back into the work of customer service and support teams. That’s why HappyFox products are built so that they are quick and easy to adopt. When agents can actually focus on customers instead of manual, repetitive tasks or struggling with technology, your clientele will also be happier.

Customizable solution for all your customer service needs

Two of HappyFox’s key strengths are its versatility and customization options. Omnichannel customer service and support can be managed in a variety of ways with HappyFox, including:

  • Converting emails, phone calls, and social media messages into tickets
  • Automating repetitive work, such as archiving or escalating tickets
  • Providing chat support and AI-powered chatbots
  • Creating reusable ticket templates and automated responses
  • Building knowledge bases and FAQ articles
  • Reviewing support performance and tracking customer satisfaction with reports

Thanks to their versatility, HappyFox products help all types of organizations – from educational institutions, customer service centers and retail stores to airlines, non-profits, and healthcare organizations.

Help throughout the customer journey

Smartium and HappyFox will assist you in making your customer service smarter and balancing the workload for customer service agents. We will be there every step of the way, from needs assessment to system deployment, customization, and maintenance. Rest assured, you will not be left alone with your new system.

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Dynamic deployment – HappyFox is designed to be deployable within a week, or even just a couple of days. Switching to HappyFox from legacy platforms, like ZenDesk, is also made easy and swift – and if you need support, it’s readily available.

Aid from automation – HappyFox helps you to reduce the amount of manual work related to customer service. You can automatically assign tickets to the right agent, send canned responses to customers, and escalate, archive, or close tickets automatically.

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Strategic efficiency enhancement – Ready-made reports help monitor team performance and identify areas for improvement. You’ll find out when and from which channels you receive the most inquiries, providing you with valuable data to optimize your resource management. You can also review response times, agent activity, and customer satisfaction.

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