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Get your project started with project management tools

Project management tools ensure the project is progressing according to the plan, stays on schedule and is carried out according to a pre-agreed budget. A smart project management tool helps you with every step of the way from the start to the very end of your project.

Sharing files and tasks is easy with visual task management and an automatic approval system. With Wrike, you can visually track the progress of your project and make important tasks visible to everyone. The entire team stays up to date on project progress with an easy-to-use reporting feature.


Work smarter and stay in control

With Wrike project management software, you can see the progress of work tasks in real time. You can follow the progress of different parts of the project visually, so you will immediately notice if a task is not completed on time. Wrike’s project reporting software allows teams monitor their resources and projects to assess progress and avoid potential risks to the project. Visual project reporting software makes sure teams know what’s going on in every level of the project management.

Smartium is your partner in project management

Smartium provides automated project management for large and small businesses. Each project has different needs, so the project management system can be tailored to meet your current needs. Thanks to Wrike’s diversity, all the tools can be adapted to projects of all sizes. You can add more tools and functions to your project management tool as your team and needs grow.

Smartium’s services include the implementation of the Wrike project management system from initial mapping to maintenance of the finished product. We work internationally with leading experts and organizations in the field, so we always have the latest information on the development and new features of project management software.

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Everything you need – the Wrike project management tool is tailored to your needs. It helps ensure that the team always has the tools they need for every step of the way. You can easily track the progress of your project with visual tracking.

Collaboration is the key – With Wrike, you can quickly delegate tasks and share files with the team. You stay up to date with the tasks and deal with problems beforehand.

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Edit and Personalize – All projects are different, but Wrike gives you all the tools to succeed.

Customer stories

Examples of project management for customer solutions

Sanoma Learning is Europe’s leading publisher of educational materials. It operates in eleven countries, from Spain to Norway. In Finland,...

Wrike is a modern digital work control panel. It gathers the information needed to manage projects and tasks for the...

The Heku group is an expert organization for retail design and distribution channel marketing production. The company acts as a...

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