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Multichannel publishing system to support all of your publishing

With a multichannel publishing system, the journey from idea to publication is smooth and streamlined – whatever the channel may be.

With the publishing system, the layout of the content is always chosen based on the channel and content used. The published material can be structured to suit the different channels according to its intended use.


A multichannel publishing system streamlines all stages of work

Managing and maintaining different publishing formats and platforms requires money, time and people. A multi-channel publishing system allows content to be easily, quickly and centrally adapted to different channels. Ease of use is one of the prerequisites for a multichannel publishing system. Being able to edit and store content under one system allows more time for creative work.

With an effective publishing system, the process from idea to finished product is smoother and time-consuming stages of work are reduced.

Tailored solutions to support the customer

Intelligent publishing solutions are suitable for anyone producing content digitally or for print. The system allows you to track project workflow and automate routine processes, making it easier for material to make its way to publication. A centralised publishing process under a single system also allows for smoother collaboration between remote teams and keeps everyone informed of the progress of the work. Centralised publishing and progress tracking also allow for the early detection of project pitfalls.

Smartium offers the best solutions in the industry

With Smartium’s solutions, content personalisation across different publishing channels works seamlessly. WoodWing Studio is a high-quality and widely-used publishing system used by thousands of organisations around the world. We are constantly working to provide our customers with the best possible user experience with the highest quality publishing system in the industry. Every business and organisation has different policies and practices, so the solution we offer is tailored to meet the specific needs and functionalities of our customers.

WoodWing Studio is the industry-leading publishing system used worldwide. In Finland alone, more than 250 magazines, several thousand books and hundreds of companies’ annual reports are produced using the Studio system. Smartium also offers the best solutions for page design, automation of repetitive workflows and web-to-print publishing without an InDesign server.

Customer stories

Examples of publishing processes for customer solutions

Miltton is an independent consulting organisation established in Helsinki in 2011. Having grown from a small team to a collective...

A-lehdet creates their magazines with WoodWing products to tackle the fast-paced changes in the publishing field with ease....
Laine Publishing's multichannel and multilingual publications are created easily in WoodWing Studio....

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