Effective project management supports Heku’s business

The Heku group is an expert organization for retail design and distribution channel marketing production. The company acts as a creative production partner for brands and companies. Heku’s production director Jussi Valkama explains how significant savings were achieved with the implementation of Wrike.

Digital project management tools offer work efficiency and flexibility, but can cause extra work. Time is often wasted moving between different applications and tools, entering data and reporting. Communication between departments is slow and project work phases are difficult to figure out. The latest versions of files are requested by email, information is forgotten to be updated between different systems, and comments are lost in message threads. When did project management become such a hassle?

Jussi Valkama knows how messy project management can waste the entire team’s time.

“We are ready to go to great lengths to get there easier” – Jussi Valkama explains why the process change is worthwhile

In many companies, challenges in project management arise for the same reason. When information and assignments are moved through several different channels and messages, important knowledge and materials are left scattered around.

– Communication used to be really fragmented, Jussi states. – The brief could be in one email, the answers in another, and clarifications on assignments were requested in a completely different channel.

When the benefit of digital tools feels lesser than their disadvantages, it’s time to think about how to make work more efficient. Switching from an old way of doing things to a new one doesn’t always happen with a snap of the fingers. – We are ready to make an effort to make our processes more efficient, Jussi tells and points out how profitable the process change was for Heku.

Integration is continuous – with Wrike, one system is enough

The Heku team works with several different systems. When Wrike was implemented, it was important to find out which systems could be integrated with it. With the help of Wrike, the vast majority of the parallel systems used by Heku have been completely eliminated. In addition to Wrike, Heku has WoodWing Assets integrated into it, which has also given a new edge to material management.

Jussi says that the integration felt effortless for Heku. – The integrations that have been made work great, Jussi adds.

“The process has clarified a lot with Wrike” – the chaos was brought under control

Wrike is a project management program that gathers all essential tools under one system. It is suitable for companies of all sizes, regardless of industry, and can be easily customized to meet the needs of each project. Wrike supports the project management and business operations of marketing and project organizations particularly well.

At Heku, Wrike has made complex and branched project management progress in a logical manner. – The process has been defined greatly through Wrike, Jussi praises.

In the past, project work meant several assignments for Heku, which were sent as Word files by email along with background material. Assignments were clarified by phone or email, and finished materials were commented on again by a new email.

With Wrike, project management progresses systematically and without additional work steps. Wrike creates a form for each assignment, through which the partner can deliver the necessary materials. The customer’s contact information can be obtained directly from the form and commenting on tasks can be done in the same way.

Moreover, email traffic and other parallel systems can be excluded from causing chaos, and project management becomes much clearer than before.

Straightforwardness saves time

When all the history and information of the project can be found in the same place in Wrike, separate briefing is no longer needed. Errors and misunderstandings can also be avoided when everyone working on the project can see the same information. The time spent on moving information and files and on message threads is freed up. Thus, the successful digital tool saves time.

 – In some cases, we have saved as much as 75 percent of work time within a project, Jussi mentions. 

With Smartium, process change is an effortless solution

Whether managing a single project or continuous work, great tools are worth investing in. Straightforward end results can be achieved with integrated systems. At best, with the right systems, big savings can be achieved in terms of time and money.

Smartium continuously helps numerous organizations to improve their project management through high quality systems and effortless integrations. Feel free to contact us if you want more results and less hassle!