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System Integrations

System integrations allow all of your tools to interact and transfer information from one to another instantly.

Companies today often use a number of specialized and disparate systems. Each system has been chosen because it is well-suited for a particular process phase or task. However, using several tools leads has disadvantages: information is often scattered in different places, not automatically transferred between systems. As a consequence, data often needs to be manually moved or copied from one place to another. 

Improving efficiency through integrated systems

With system integration, all the systems that you need interact with each other and information is transferred from one service to another instantly. Integration allows you to enter data into one system, while forwarding it to other systems works automatically – no need to waste time on routine tasks!

But well-implemented system integration is more than just moving information from one place to another. Moving fragmented information between all the tools in use makes the business more efficient and the employees’ work easier. No time is wasted searching for or moving information or files from one place to another.

Tailored solution for all your needs

Smartium has implemented solutions that automate the transfer of data from one system to another, reducing manual work and errors. We have implemented system integrations at various scales for a number of satisfied customers. Whether there are two or more systems handling the same data, integration helps to centralize the flow of information and eliminate errors.

All of our system integrations, system development projects, and implementation methods are always tailored to the customer’s needs. At its simplest, our service can integrate just a few systems. At its most complex, a system integration creates extensive links between several different products, and coordinates a set of tools, so that information flows seamlessly between systems.

When it comes to integrations, Smartium is your partner from planning to implementation and maintenance. We handle all system-specific maintenance, verification, and synchronization processes to ensure that your integration works exactly as it should.

Customer stories

Examples of integrations for customer solutions

Sanoma Learning is Europe’s leading publisher of educational materials. It operates in eleven countries, from Spain to Norway. In Finland,...

A-lehdet creates their magazines with WoodWing products to tackle the fast-paced changes in the publishing field with ease....

The Heku group is an expert organization for retail design and distribution channel marketing production. The company acts as a...

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