Miltton Oy

Miltton is an independent consulting organisation established in Helsinki in 2011. Having grown from a small team to a collective of over 400 experts, Miltton is passionate about helping its clients move forward to make a difference and be a responsible part of society. At the core of Miltton’s operations is the combination of diverse skills of its experts, which enable a broad approach to modern consulting and marketing from different angles. Miltton’s experts come from a wide range of fields, from business to culture and from politics to sport.

Miltton’s mission is to be a trusted advisor to companies and international organisations in the New Nordics. WoodWing Studio solution, provided by Smartium, has been used for over ten years to facilitate collaboration with a large number of annual report customers. As an industry leading publishing system, Studio is an efficient and seamless solution for managing distributed editing and publishing processes.

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