Wärtsilä DAM serves users around the world

Wärtsilä is a global supplier of smart technology and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Wärtsilä has over 200 offices in 70 countries and has approximately 18 000 employees.

Wärtsilä DAM, the data management system provided by Smartium, serves Wärtsilä users around the world. As a part of the solution there is an extensive content distribution network that shares the material to the every office of the company. DAM is also part of a separate Brand Hub implementation.

Using global AWS solutions and the distribution network, images, brochures, magazines, videos and other files are quickly delivered to those who need them, regardless of time and place.

Wärtsilä DAM: https://www.wartsila.com/encyclopedia/term/dam

WoodWing DAM solution: https://www.woodwing.com/en/digital-asset-management-system